Carpet Stain Removal: Effective methods

Facing a carpet stain, it’s tempting to just call up a carpet cleaning company that offers guaranteed stain removal. But do yourself a favor and take two minutes to prepare a plan of attack, because a good strategy can make the difference between a clean carpet and a stain that remains stuck there forever.

Several methods to clean different types of spots exist.  But before going on to serious things, here are some universal rules that apply to carpet cleaning.

1. Clean the stain as quickly as possible

The most important thing is to destroy the stain before it has the chance to settle down, explain the best carpet cleaners.

2. Dab instead of rub

Before cleaning, absorb all the various viscous or dirty materials you can with a cloth or sponge.  The goal is to remove as much liquid as possible, reduce its size and spread the stain.  After that, think about dabbing rather than rubbing vigorously.

3. Use as few products as possible

This reduces both the drying time and the risk of staining the carpet. For most stains, it is best to use carbonated water or dishwashing liquid.

4. Dry it well

Dry thoroughly with a towel after cleaning as damp carpets can become moldy. You can also use a fan or a hair dryer to speed up the process smoothly.

After learning the basics of spot cleaning, the question is if homemade methods really work. So we did some spots and left them for 24 hours or more.  The results were quite good.

Wine and Coffee

What the experts say: Clean the stain and rinse with sparkling water. If necessary, brush the stain with soapy water and rinse.


Nail Polish

For this test, we used the advice of a beauty specialist.
What the specialists say: Soak a rag in colorless solvent and use it to clean the stain.


We hope that you found these tips helpful, now go out and apply them as needed!